10 Worst Retirement Planning Mistakes To Avoid

It is very important to plan your retirement properly and have a review of your plan at ear end. While a lot of people fail to plan for retirement properly, some of them make the worst mistakes that hinder their retirement savings.

10 Worst Retirement Planning Mistakes To Avoid According To Cunningham Legal Are

  1. Not Having a Retirement Plan in Place
  2. Not Saving Money Now
  3. Not Investing Wisely
  4. Not Taking Advantage of Employer 401(k) Matching
  5. Not Planning for Tax Implications
  6. Not Letting Your Retirement Savings Accumulate
  7. Not Planning for Health Issues & Long-Term Care Costs
  8. Not Planning for Retirement Surprises
  9. Not Being Strategic About Social Security
  10. Not Implementing Estate Planning

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Make sure to avoid these mistakes!

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