Zip Code Zen – Picking the Right State for a Better Retirement


Average life expectancy figures continue to rise and that means that you have a better chance of spending a lot more golden years on this planet that your predecessors.

That fact alone suggests you should choose your retirement destination with a great deal of care, as it will be your final surroundings for some time to come if you enjoy a good run at your senior years.

If you are looking for a list of attractive features to justify moving to a new state for your retirement it is a fair guess that somewhere with a good sunshine record might get a lot of the votes, but should you pick a place just because it offers some of the best weather?

When you are trying to decide which states are the best retirement destination there are plenty of other factors that could be considered just as important as the average hours of sunshine on offer.

Cost of living expenses and taxes are another two key factors to look at alongside how good the weather is outside. Some areas are clearly more expensive to live in than others so you might want to pick a place where you get more for every dollar you have to spend each year on your retirement plans, and some states are more retirement-friendly than others when it comes to taxes.

Seeing as you might live to a ripe old age in retirement, it makes a lot of sense to consider your retirement destination with a great deal of care and thought.

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